The King of Kirkistown Crown was originally instigated way back in 1968. Over the years it has been won by a World Champion, Grand Prix winners, Isle of Man TT winners, record breakers at both the Ulster Grand Prix and North-West ‘200’ and Ulster and Irish Champions.

The award was always highly regarded by those who took part and very seldom was there an easy victory such was the high level of the competition throughout the decades. From Cecil Crawford, the inaugural King of Kirkistown winner, to the last winner Marshall Neill in 2010, the Kings read like a who’s who of Irish racing. Gerry Mateer, Tommy Robb, Ian McGregor, Abe Alexander, Joey Dunlop, Ray McCullough, Noel Hudson, Jackie Hughes, Paul Cranston, Alan Irwin, Stephen Cull, George Farlow, Phillip McCallen and Derek Young.

1968 Cecil Crawford Norton 500
1969 Gerry Mateer Norton 500
1970 Tommy Robb Seeley 500
1971 Tommy Robb Yamsel 350
1972 Ian McGregor Yamaha 350
1973 Abe Alexander Yamaha 350
1974 Abe Alexander Yamaha 350
1975 Joey Dunlop Yamaha 350
1976 Ray McCullough Yamaha 350
1977 Joey Dunlop Yamaha 750
1978 Noel Hudson Yamaha 750
1979 Jackie Hughes Yamaha 750
1980 Joey Dunlop Yamaha 750
1981 Paul Cranston Yamaha 500
1982 not held
1983 Alan Irwin Suzuki 500
1984 not held
1985 Steven Cull Suzuki 500
1986 not held
1987 George Farlow Suzuki 500
1988 not held
1989 George Farlow Honda 500
1990 not held
1991 Phillip McCallen Honda 750
1992 Derek Young Honda 750

2008 not awarded – only one leg of two held (to have been awarded to the overall winner of two)
2009 not awarded – only one leg of two held (invitation handicap races at two Clubmans meetings)

2010 Marshall Neill Suzuki 1000 (awarded for second Superbike race at Sep. ISB event)

2019 Carl Phillips Kawasaki 1000
2020 Derek Sheils BMW 1000
2021 Alastair Seeley Yamaha 1000 (awarded for first Superbike race at September event, Race 2 cancelled)

Awarded to the overall winner of the Superbike ‘Big 3 Series’ (6 races)
2022 Alastair Seeley Yamaha 1000

Awarded to the overall winner of the Superbike ‘Big 3 Series’ (6 races)
2023 Jason Lynn Kawasaki 1000

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