Billy Rutherford and the story behind the President’s Cup.

Over many, many years Billy Rutherford worked tirelessly and lived for the Belfast and District Motor Club. From Traffic Control, Chief Flag Marshal, Chief Marshal at both Carrowdore and Kirkistown, Committee Member and Chairman through to finally becoming the Club President following the passing of Joe Boyle. 

Unfortunately as we moved into the new millennium Billy became terminally ill and as his health deteriorated he had to give up his role as President. Through those dark days his family decided, as a mark of respect and recognition for the lifetime work he had put into the Club, that they would organise something which they could donate as a mark of remembrance. Hence the President’s Cup. Billy was so very proud of both his family’s thoughtfulness and this ‘Trophy’ that all home visitors were shown it virtually as soon as they came through the front door.

Then family and Club were dealt a cruel blow. Billy passed away on the 6th September 2002, the day before the Club’s event which was to see the handing over of the President’s Cup to its first winner. Understandably there was much sadness not only within the family circle and Club but also the whole motorcycle racing fraternity.

The event did go ahead and the first name to adorn the President’s Cup was Johnny McCay, winner of the Clubmans Class Handicap. The ‘Cup’ was presented by Billy’s friend and colleague Vice President Bill Simpson who was to be elected Club President later in the year at the AGM. 

The Rutherford name still continues with Gerry, our Competition Secretary, who is also a mind of information no doubt inherited from his father and his own long association and work within the Club. The next two generations are involved too with Gerry’s daughter Lorraine and grand daughter Naomi assisting with Club duties throughout the year and on race days.


Clubmans class handicap

2002 Johnny McCay
2003 Nigel Percy Honda 125
2004 Mark Johnston Yamaha 1000
2005 Wayne Kirwan Yamaha 1000
2006 Paul Maxwell Honda 600
2007 Martin Titterington Suzuki 1000
2008 Gareth Keys Yamaha 600
2009 Jason Cash Suzuki 1000
2010 Keith Meere Yamaha 600

Awarded to the winner of a scratch race as indicated

2011 Peter Drennan Honda 1000 (second Clubmans Superbike race – June meeting)
2012 Joseph Loughlin Yamaha 600 (second Clubmans Supersport race – June meeting)
2013 Johnny Aiken Yamaha 600 (second Pre-Injection race – June meeting)
2014 Steven Titterington Yamaha 600 (second Pre-Injection race – June meeting)
2015 Jonathan Ralph Yamaha 600 (second Pre-Injection race – June meeting)
2016 Andrew Brady Yamaha 600 (second Pre-Injection race – June meeting)
2017 Johnny Irwin Honda 600 (second Pre-Injection race – June meeting)
2018 Johnny Aiken Yamaha 600 (second Pre-Injection race – June meeting)
2019 Johnny Irwin Honda 600 (second Pre-Injection race – June meeting)
2020 Derek O’Donnell Yamaha 600 (aggregate Pre-Injection races – September meeting)
2021 Andrew Brady Yamaha 1000 (second Pre-Injection race – July meeting)



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