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The following is a joint statement from the MCUI Short Circuit & Road Race Commissions:-


Statement – 5th Feb 2015

Secondary Engine Covers:

The following is the Official line of the MCUI and both the Short Circuit and Road Race Commissions.

The MCUI General Competition Rules and Standing Regulation are there for a reason and that includes the safety of riders, officials and spectators. The rule regarding secondary engine covers was introduced as a safety matter in an attempt to minimise the potential for machine engine oil to leek onto the track in the event of a crash.

We believe the addition of secondary or heavy duty engine covers is in the interests of rider safety and therefore the new rule will stand.
However after consulting with the Technical Committee and taking the views of riders and motorcycle parts suppliers we realise that in it’s present form this new rule is unworkable as secondary covers are not commercially available for many machines.

The MCUI Commissions have decided to make a few changes to this rule which will go before a Conference in March for ratification.

The amended rule will be as follows:-

“All lateral covers/engine cases containing oil on 4 stroke machines, and which could come in contact with the ground during a crash, must be protected by a second cover made from composite materials, aluminium or steel plates and/or bars are also permitted.
All these devices must be designed to be resistant against sudden shocks and must be fixed properly and securely.
Where secondary covers are not commercially available, engine case guards in the form of strengthened engine side covers may be installed.
The countershaft cover may be removed. The addition of a crankcase protector at the countershaft is allowed.”

The MCUI are aware that this has caused great concern amongst competitors as it didn’t give enough time before the start of the 2015 season.
Therefore it’s been decided that we will not be strictly enforcing this rule until the start of 2016.
However for 2015 on the grounds of rider safety it is highly recommended that any machine were secondary or heavy duty covers are commercially available then they should be fitted.
For any machine were covers are not presently available then it is again on the grounds of rider safety highly recommended that an attempt be made to protect any casings which may come in contact with the ground in the event of a crash.
The MCUI Technical Committee will be on hand at most events this season to check machines and give advise as to what will and will not be acceptable come 2016.
We cannot stress enough the importance of this rule and would urge all competitors to do what they can this year to protect engines against oil spillages.
This is in the interest of your own safety and that your fellow competitors !

Best of luck to everyone for the season..

John McAllister
Secretary SC Commission

Link to M.C.U.I (UC) Website for the statement:-

Secondary Engine Cover Rule

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